Saturday, June 30, 2007


Ok, for the sake of simply having a post i'm pulling this one out my ass. Uhhhhhhh..... the President. I am using the internets to express my ideas in the Blogesphere (if thats how you spell it, because i doubt its even a word) to all you 'Mericans out there in TV Land. Personally, I don't want someone who can't say "nuclear power" or even pronounce the letter "W" correctly. You know who I would want for a president? Yep, i doubt you guessed it...
Barbie! TM Not only is she clever enough to have ten different boyfriends who buy her all sorts of sportscars and mansions, she's also fucking stacked! And we have yet to see a woman in office, so there's another reason. AND, Barbie! TM has excellent foriegn relations. Because if you invade a country, your chances of being able to shop there again are slim to none. And with ten P-whipped guys to turn to, you don't even need to steal an identity. They'll give you all the money in their bank accounts if it gets alittle ass from Barbie! TM. That seems to be sufficent enough for a first post. Please refer back, as there will certainly be funny-ness in the future. * i put the TM after your name, so please don't sue my ass Barbie!