Tuesday, September 30, 2008

bring back the funk

old greg has inspired me

imma bring back the funk!
type in DVORAK
be funky
be funkier
skate funky

funk on!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

free write

once the timeflow begins it is impossible to cease
the movement of the ongoing chain of events
set into motion like an avalanche
building on itself greater than before
a powerful force resides in everything
from greatest mountain to smallest pebble
infinite potential
as the meager acorn becomes mighty oak
infinite possibilities
dense leaves that create the forest ceiling
also provide thick carpet in autumn

Sunday, September 21, 2008


arrr! i be the limeyiest of all the landlocked seadogs
me and me crews are gonna keep things the way they should be
high as a kite, me is!
and me stoned pirate ass is gonna keep getting stoned at all costs!!
living the good life
typing dvorak
(could a kind soul help me get dvorak??)
strong winds to ye

Friday, September 12, 2008

I-Doser lucid dream

i had a dream so vivid i can remember it like it was a more actual reality
the hadron collider was set of, and the affected radius was 26-29 miles
in that area, magic fountans burst forth from every once dry spring
the team conspired to build a bigger collider to affect a larger radius
because this zone was a part of the nueshpere
that being an atmosphere of higher concentration of theta waves
causing increased magical activity
creating a magnificent reality of wonder
this was set to go off in the year 2012
that is the time when mass magic would happen
powers in every single variety, for every single cause
enough to change the world we live in

i think i saw the future

Thursday, September 11, 2008


sometimes, after i finish a project in photoshop, i find myself with free time

Thursday, September 4, 2008

freestyle typing

here it goes
the rhymes that flows
words that move and groove like smoke billows

here i come
back up from underneath
you talkin about honor
but i rap through my teeth
you can't beat that
guerilla tactics
soldiers slowed to a crawl by their backpacks

you know me
i beat your highscore title
rub your name away and worship your false idol
undefeatable seepin through the floorboards
watch me go as i dominate the scoreboard

put a helmet on your skull
to protect your brain from headshots
but your knees are feeble,
collapse on the floor, lose your feet
can't destroy me cuz i rhyme to the same beat

speedy stealthy poor not wealthy
i got agility ability and subtle virility
what now,
think you got shell shocked
you shoulda known i'd be the one on top
a coup de grace
can't beat this barrage
of tight wordplay
better respect it because thats your only mercy

from me to you, this is how i do
i play the game and i'll always beat you