Wednesday, August 29, 2007


guess who has no friends and has nobody cool in any of his classes at school. I'll give you a hint, he also has a gay kid in his gym class..... still nothing? one more hint,
ITS MEE!!! >__<

Saturday, August 25, 2007

what's that smell???

It smells like... back to school v___v I should be happy, because I have a huge blank spot in my schedule. But this is the year that "really counts" or so they say as they give me my perscription slip and say "I know you can do it, go get em tiger!" Its also the year to "start looking at colleges" Yep. Thats right. The colleges I'm not gonna go to. Why is so much expected of me??? Is it a sin to have free will?? Doesn't matter, because god doesn't exist, the bible is a terrible coordinated lie, christians are all going to hell, and I REFUSE to die. I'll walk around until my legs fall off. And when they do, I'll walk some more. I'll drink and smoke and make the little maggots in my digestive tract happy. I am not going to be a lawyer. I am not going to be a doctor. I WILL not be a doctor. There are two options to me, and one is clear. That option is LIFE. There is no burden big enough that I can't handle it, resolve it, or pass it off to someone else. The one thing I want from life is to be happy, and there are no means that I will not go to so that I can be happy. People spend their life with the same dull job, same over-mortgaged house, same brokendown car, and the same cheating spouse. Instead of working for the good of mankind, bending wires into paperclips or something, I shall work for one person, MYSELF.

In other news, the page check has reached the 200's, and it looks like there isn't a single vulgarity in this entire post. FUCK DAMN, THAT BULLSHIT AIN'T COOL..... CUNT.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

ha ha ha ha ha

Mr. Rick Johns had just arrived at the hotel in Florida. Mrs. Suzzane Johns was back home in chicago, she was still working, but her husband had gotten off on Christmas Vacation the day before. This was her last day in the office, and she was planning on flying down to vacation with Rick. Mr. Johns was looking forward to this vacation, as it was long overdue. He decided to send Suzanne a text messege, to let her know everything was ok. However, he accidentally typed the wrong number to his wife's new phone....

Mrs. Gertrude Johns, a VERY recently widowed woman in Shelby, Ohio was still getting over her husband, Mr. Robert Johns' death. He had died only yesterday, and the shock of everything was overwhelming. As the minister of the catholic church, he was part of all the organized Christmas celebrations. Caroling, Sermons, and the ever prevailent "birth of baby jesus" play were all resting on her shoulders now. Suddenly her daughter screamed downstairs "MOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!" she rushed downstairs as quickly as she could. She handed her mother her cellphone and cried "R-READ IT!" Gertrude read it and fainted.

She had recieved a text messege from R-JOHNS that read. "hey honey, i arrived safely. its really hot down here. hope to see you soon!!"


Sunday, August 19, 2007

back to school

Clothing Recently Aquired:

2 x Toy Machine Shirts
1 x Pair of Volcom Jeans
2 x Pair RUCA Jeans
2 x Pair Ambiguous Jeans
1 x Anti-Smoking Shirt (courtesy of Katie-sama)
1 x CCS Ledge II Courds (in forrest green)
16 x Pair Ankle Socks (Thanks, mom)
12-1/2 x Pair Underoos (don't ask)

Tricks Recently Added to the Bag:

Switch 180 (front and backside)
Varial Heelflip
Frontside 270-Pivot
(The Nollie and Fakie variations of all said tricks)

Excuses Used as of Late:
Its giving me cancer
It was fucking my wife
I had better things to waste time on
There are starving children overseas

"I quit my job, it was giving me cancer"
"I threw that CD away, it was fucking my wife"
"The reason I don't come over here anymore is because I have better things to waste time on"
"I'm not going to fuck you, there are starving children overseas"


Monday, August 13, 2007


Truth be told, its ok that I'm going to canada for my birthday. Its something my parents want to do and gives me a chance to spend time with them. I still wanna do shit like run around in the halls and play outside on the balcony in the hotel, though. Its MY birthday, and I'll eat junkfood from the vending machines what they have up there by the icemachines. And I'm only gonna pack one bag, the "what you can carry on your back" rule applies on all my trips.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

guess who is not having a birthday, nor recieving any sort of special treatment on their special day. i will give you a hint, then answer is ME >:(

Saturday, August 4, 2007

I prefer a much more original tactic

Friday, August 3, 2007


Jesus! 115 hits! You guys must really be retarded to come back THAT many times. I haven't posted in awhile, because I haven't been in much of an artistic mood. My birthday is in less than two weeks. Originally that was the set date, but I'm too lazy to follow through and it would just be too big a mess. So that idea with pitched. Hopefully I'll try and find some other event that is far enough away to give me time to decide what to do and maybe get less people to give a fuck. This post wasn't very funny, so you should've listened to the title and fucked off.